Massage Therapy

Massage therapists apply a variety of scientifically developed massage techniques to the soft tissue of the body to improve muscle tone and circulation. They work to enhance well-being, reduce the physical and mental effects of stress and tension, prevent disease and restore health. Many different massage techniques and methods can be used, including:

  1. Shiatsu
  2. Swedish Medical Massage
  3. Deep Tissue Massage
  4. Reflexology
  5. Acupressure and Polarity Therapy, among many others

QCPT prefers combination of Shiatsu Massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques. Shiatsu Massage is a form of Eastern massage originating in Japan, which involves the application of gentle pressure through the clothes to the body's energy meridians and acupressure points. By pressure stimulation and relaxation stretching, the flow of energy is eased and self-healing is promoted throughout the body. Deep Tissue Massage is used to treat specific areas of injury or pain, repair tissue damage and speed up recovery.

QCPT also offers the one-hour QCPT Wellness Massage, which consists of Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage combined with moist heat. Ths QCPT Wellness Massage is gentle, soothing and energizing, an excellent follow-up to Physical Therapy treatment or for overall well-being at any time.

The Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage, as well as the QCPT Wellness Massage, can be purchased at very low rates in prepaid packages at the QCPT Wellness Club®.

Clients who are interested in the program can register at the front desk of the QCPT Wellness Club® office, or they can register by phone. Please note that, at the time of registration, clients must bring a doctor's note for medical clearance to participate in the Premium Independent Program.

A Physical Therapist, fitness trainer or member of the office staff will ask clients some basic questions while filling out an Initial Assessment, and will also schedule an appointment for Orientation.