Discover the Difference...

....A 98% Patient Satisfaction Rate

Of the 1200 patients surveyed at Quality Care Physical Therapy®, P.C. 98% said that they were satisfied with their care. With over 15 years of service in New York City, our staff provides the positive motivation, individual attention, and advanced training techniques that help quickly turn physical challenges into triumps. All the more reason why over 500 area doctors refer their patients to us!

....Professional Treatment That Professionals Rely On.

Doctors have come to trust our care not only for their patients, but for their family and staff members, too. They know their family will be treated as they would treat them like gold. They know that no matter what the situation requires, we will address each problem thoughtfully and carefully, make the best recommendations, and provide effective results ... such as 98% patient satisfaction.

.... Speeding Your Recovery... Slowing Your Pain.

When in your pain, nothing seems right. You're missing out on your favorite activities. You may be missing work and unable to earn a living or support your family. Our mission is to use our experience to make the right evaluation the first time and use precise treatments to relieve your pain as quickly as possible. In fact, many patients report improvement within a week of beginning treatment.

Fast relief means fewer visits. It means less pain. It means getting back to your job, your family-your life-faster. That attention to quick, effective treatment translates to an outstanding 98% patient satisfaction rate.

From the the helpful administrative staff to the highly qualified therapists, you'll find everyone to be friendly, warm, and easy to talk to.

Those are just some of the reasons why so many people inCity of New York are choosing Quality Care Physical Therapy®, P.C. But there aremany, many, more. Find out for yourself by calling for Free Consultation. You'll discover that while Quality Care Physical Therapy®, P.C. can't make it a better world, we can make working and playing in it a whole lot better.

...And Their Patients Are Glad They Did.

We can't think of a better recommendation for the care we give. In fact, doctors don't just send us their patients, they send us their families. Why? Because most people don't know the diffrence between one physical therapy office and the next. But if you've ever been anywhere else, you'll notice the difference right away.

We like to think there is an excitement for healing here- from therapists and patients alike. It's a process in which we emphasize proven hands-on-technique to get to the source of your pain and restore muscles and joints to their original function- and it's so effective that once care is completed, we rarely see a patient with the same complaint again.

"...patients are glad they've been recommended to us."

Conditions We Treat Every Day

  1. Back Pain
  2. Shoulder Pain
  3. Wrist Pain
  4. Orthopedic Injuries
  5. Car Accidents Injury
  1. Neck Pain
  2. Hand Pain
  3. Knee Pain
  4. Sports Injuries
  5. Work Related Injury

Additional Services

  1. Personal Training
  2. Kid-Fit Program
  3. Practice Consulting
  1. Massage Therapy
  2. Weight Loss

QCPT Wellness Club Services

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Physical Therapists at the QCPT Wellness Club know that it is important to provide all three components of total care - healing, flexibility and strength - in a given treatment time of 30 to 45 minutes. The treatment room services include:

  1. Healing moist heat therapy
  2. Muscle stimulation for fast relief
  3. Myofascial release to restore joints/muscles to their normal state
  4. Deep massage to stimulate muscles, relieving stress and speeding healing
  5. Therapeutic exercises to improve flexibility and strength
  6. Therapeutic education/training for retention, in order to prevent deconditioning

After the treatment room procedures are completed, there is a cardio-vascular workout of at least 10 to 15 minutes, where the patient will use bicycle, treadmill and/or elliptical machines, whichever are deemed appropriate, under the supervision of the Physical Therapist.

The QCPT Wellness Club Get Fit/Stay Fit Programs (both supervised and Premium Independent) are built around the exciting, high-energy GRAVITY® fitness system that combines GTS®, a unique piece of workout equipment involving multiple muscle groups and the all-important core at the same time, with some floor-work classes that don't utilize the GTS® equipment. The following 30-minute group classes are available:

  1. GRAVITY® Group, utilizing GTS® equipment consists of 30-minute strength classes that heat up all the major muscle groups for a total body workout. Members work at their chosen level of resistance while enjoying the challenge and camaraderie of a group setting. The class delivers effective and efficient workouts, particularly for exercisers who want to make time for a fun, efficient strength workout.
  2. Pilates, or resistance, classes increase mobility and streamline the body by maximizing core stability, thus preventing injury and improving balance, coordination and circulation. Small group Pilates sessions train members to make Pilates a part of their workout regimen, and show them how to overcome strength and flexibility limitations while improving strength, flexibility and control. They can be done with or without the GTS equipment.
  3. Classes delivering effective and efficient workouts focusing on cardio training and using GTS® equipment. There may be non-GTS® aerobics classes as a further option in the future.
  4. Yoga focus on the mastering of mind-body performance, as well as increasing strength and flexibility while achieving a calm and relaxed mind.

Additional Services

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Massage techniques can be used to treat specific areas of injury or pain, and to relieve discomfort, reduce scar tissue and swelling, as well as aid in tissue repair and help recovery. At Quality Care Physical Therapy®, a combination of Shiatsu Massage and Deep Tissue Massage is favored due to the resultant healing and relief of discomfort.

Shiatsu Massage is a form of Eastern massage originating in Japan that involves the application of pressure through the clothes with the fingers, thumbs, palms, elbows and knees of the practitioner. The body's energy meridians are stimulated through pressure application and stretching, easing the flow of energy throughout the body and promoting self-healing. Deep massage techniques are used to treat specific areas of injury or pain, repairing tissue damage and speeding up recovery from injury.

Shiatsu and Deep Tissue Massage can be purchased at very low rates in 50% prepaid packages at the QCPT Wellness Club. Additionally, the one-hour Moist Heat Wellness Massage is both soothing and energizing, and an excellent follow-up to Physical Therapy treatment.

The QCPT Youth Fitness Class focuses on sports performance training and general fitness for children and young people. This fitness class helps kids improve speed, agility and strength, while minimizing the risk of injury.

At the Fresh Vegetable and Fruit Juice Bar anyone can inexpensively purchase from the QCPT Wellness Club healing nutrients and refreshment, fresh vegetable and fruit juices, as well as bottles of spring water and filtered water. Some healthy food items, such as nuts and energy bars, may be available soon.