Check back soon to see the nice things our patients have to say about us.


  • I seem to walk much better and have lost some weight. I always look forward to coming to my therapy sessions, I enjoy coming.

    G. Clark

  • Physical Therapy is helping me get around better and I feel less pain in the knee.

    -K. Singh

  • I think that PT is good for me, it helps me walk better and also to gain a good balance when walking and also helps me gain support for my motor skills.

    -J. Sigmore

  • Since I started therapy I have been feeling much better. Very comfortable and no pain. Thank God.

    -M. Innocent

  • Since I started therapy I feel much better, very little pain to speak of.


  • Therapy is working good, feeling better, everything is on schedule so far.


  • I am feeling good, better than before. I like therapy for neck pain. Thank you so much.


  • Since I have been coming to therapy I have gained more range of motion in my shoulder, the pain has become less intensive and I am more inclined to do more stretching.

    ->A. Rodriguez

  • Since I have been receiving therapy at Quality Care Physical Therapy I have improved very much. My legs are much stronger, I am able to walk better with less pain and I am also feeling better.

    -G. Daniel

  • I have noticed a big improvement in strength and flexibility. I no longer wake up with back pain. I have significantly less back fatigue after working 12 hour shifts. Learning simple stretches that I can use anytime, anywhere helps to alleviate any tightening and pain that comes during my usual activities.

    -Tina T

  • Since coming to QCPT I have been making good progress. I can extend m right leg a bit more and it is also less painful. The care here is magnificent and the service extraordinary.

    -M. Ariza